The Trophy Assets 

TAOF fund is the ideal opportunity to contribute in kind a family asset and manage it close to others preserving its value for the future generations

RONSISVALLE & PARTNERS has recently launched the creation of its first new investment product via a close-end dedicated compartment of an existing European based and fully regulated SICAV fund specialised in acquiring and managing trophy assets with a focus on trophy buildings, villas, unique flats  and other properties that have historical and architectural value in exceptional location.

THE TROPHY ASSET OPPORTUNITY FUND (TAOF) is supervised and fully regulated.

It is managed by a first ranking private asset manager that has several billions of Euros of assets under management in different countries.

RONSISVALLE & PARTNERS is the real estate unique advisor and contributor for the selection of the assets that will be part of the portfolio. 


For any further information please contact Umberto Ronsisvalle and/or visit   

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