"Litigation funding.

Financing claims

RONSISVALLE & PARTNERS, due to the litigation background of its founder Umberto Ronsisvalle, close to the standard advisory and asset management services to its families and friends, has developed a unique experience in funding juridicial cases across Europe.   

In modern times, preserving rights and execute them once a judgement has been obtained has become increasingly expensive, creating de facto barriers to the justice system.

RONSISVALLE & PARTNERS offers the opportunity to finance various types of legal cases via a preferred partner relationship and/or, if impossible for this last, scouting the best solution accordingly based on Umberto Ronsisvalle experience. 

The cases to be financed could be:

  • SINGLE CASE. Single-case funding typically provides capital for legal fees or expenses to support a single case or arbitration. It can also include working capital, debt satisfaction and other items—all subject to recovery from the case. Single-case funding can also include funding for a defendant if the funder and claimant can agree on an appropriate, non-recourse return structure. 

  • PORTFOLIO FUNDING. Portfolio funding provides capital for the legal fees to support multiple cases or arbitrations of a law firm or a company. In the case of a law firm portfolio, recovery of the funder’s investment and return will come from the fees the firm collects from any one or more of the portfolio cases. In the case of a corporate portfolio, the funder typically will be paid from any eventual recoveries in the disputes, or according to other arrangements that the funder and company may agree in advance. 

  • MULTI-PARTY FUNDING. Multi-party funding (also known as funding for group claims or class actions) typically involves the provision of finance for an action against a defendant on behalf of a group or a representative(s) for the group with the same or similar claims. A range of claims are suitable for funding, including securities/shareholder, environmental and product liability actions.