Umberto Ronsisvalle

RONSISVALLE & PARTNERS has been founded by Umberto Ronsisvalle who operates in the world of private equity & real estate as an advisor since 1990 for both private companies and for non-governmental institutional structures.


He has held positions in regulated investment funds and companies listed on the stock exchange, often participating in their launch and subsequent development.


Umberto Ronsisvalle has a unique study and international experience developed over 30 years of travel across the globe.

He is the founder of RONSISVALLE & PARTNERS multi family office where he is in charge, supported by an international network and a unique advisory board, of the strategies for families & friends to preserve their wealth making at the same time the platform growing.


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Sunita Shah

Sunita Shah has been working with Umberto Ronsisvalle for many years in the management of regulated entities related to real estate portfolio of trophy assets across Europe. 

She is passionate and she has the role of Office Executive Coordinator today at RONSISVALLE & PARTNERS.


Sunita Shah has a solid background in the wealth management field for having worked previously for many years in the private banking sector in Switzerland.