"Taylor-made" funds.

Opportunity Funds

RONSISVALLE & PARTNERS, close to its main investments, is developing a range of different OPPORTUNITY FUNDS for a benefit of third parties offering certain independent fiduciary "Taylor-made" services, under the respect and the applicable Law, through a wide set of specialised close-ended compartments of an existing regulated SICAV to secure the Family's members & friends, partners and investors, the wealth of their future generations.

The Opportunity Funds could be set up "Taylor made" for any purpose.

The main ones of the existing SICAV are ready-to-go and dedicated to welcome opportunities in:

  • PRIVATE EQUITY. This compartment is the ideal platform to develop existing business without losing the control family companies and industries.


  • REAL ESTATE. This compartment set up is perfect to share historical and architectural families properties having a complete team of professional to make them profitable in the medium-long term.  

  • CARS, ARTS & JEWELS. This compartment invest in non-correlated assets to have an ideal risk-return set up for the families already present in the Opportunity Funds. 

  • CHARITABLE. This compartment actively returns to the society part of the profits generated by the Opportunity Funds with irrevocable and established purposes particularly focused on children.