Multi Family Office.



RONSISVALLE & PARTNERS has been founded by Umberto Ronsisvalle who operates in the world of private equity & real estate as an advisor since 1990 for both private companies and for non-governmental institutional structures.


He has held positions in regulated investment funds and companies listed on the stock exchange, often participating in their launch and subsequent development.


Umberto Ronsisvalle has a unique study and international experience developed over 30 years of travel across the globe.

In February 2009, he was the victim of fraudulent behavior by the management of an international bank, which was then declared bankrupt, which used his personal guarantees as an instrument of dispossession.


Umberto Ronsisvalle after the last judicial victory of 2017, 2018 and in the Supreme Court in 2019 has restarted has rebuild their lives starting from scratch. He has already structured several new investment activities with particular reference to the food innovation sector as well as always private equity & real estate.

Umberto RONSISVALLE Families & Friends

Umberto Ronsisvalle, close to his historical holding R CAPITAL S.àR.L., recently has created this dedicated platform to secure OPPORTUNITY FUNDS for RONSISVALLE's family & friends around the world and to their partners willing to create club-deals and improve their wealth on the long term. 

Umberto RONSISVALLE's team members will be the main managers jointly with selected and specialised advisors by competence & investment by investment in order to secure the best governance and transparency in any transaction with the goal of reaching a unique risk & profits adjusted profile. 

  • Agricolture & Food

  • Historical & Beautiful buildings

  • Lovely Brands

  • Fashion Icons

  • Vintage Cars

  • Wines

  • Jewels

  • Art masterpieces

Umberto Ronsisvalle, his family team jointly with his network of professionals, lawyers across the globe is offering "Taylor-made" asset management & advisory services to third parties whenever a friend of RONSISVALLE's is in a difficult and/or in a special situation linked to distresses loans with banks, companies' bankruptcies in multiple jurisdictions.

From time to time, in these special situations, RONSISVALLE & PARTNERS may co-invest in order to secure the success of the advisory services offered.